Big Data for Esports

We transform raw game data into actionable insight for players, teams, and developers.

Elo Entertainment LLC specializes in advanced data analytics for esports games. Our products are used by millions of esports fans, and players of all skill levels. This includes everyone from professional team analysts to casual players of the game. Millions of gamers know and use our products on a regular basis. We maintain over 100 TB of live game data and collect massive amounts of public and esports game data with which to analyze for game insight. The company was bootstrapped in 2012 by three gamers who were passionate about providing better resources in esports.

Our Projects

As a company, we tend to focus on going deep in a few games rather than attempting to support several games poorly. If we have a project in an esports title it is because we are genuinely passionate about the game and excited about the possibilities it offers with data. We are always evaluating potential new games and considering if they are good fits for our team.


The place where millions of Dota 2 players get in depth statistics, share games, their profiles, and better understand the game we all love. We turn raw statistical data from billions of public matches into actionable information that you can use to learn and improve. Dotabuff is widely seen as one of the leading Dota 2 community resources for both new and experienced players, and is the largest community resource in Dota 2 by traffic.


Overbuff is the largest community site for Overwatch by traffic and is dedicated to helping Overwatch players improve their game. You can track your progress on heroes, see what your friends have been playing, and keep tabs on pro players.

Artibuff is a one-stop-shop for Artifact, Valve's new digital card game launching November 2018. It features a card database, deck builder, social features, and a few things we're excited to launch with the release of the game... stay tuned!

Fortbuff is a brand new community site for Fortnite featuring player statistics, streams, and cosmetic items. Mobile first to cater to the Fornite audience, it's the best place to see Fortnite stats and cosmetic items on the web.


A straightforward and powerful tool for live statistics in Dota 2 esports. It is best used as a stream companion or replacement.

Our Values

Adopt a Global Perspective

We make tools for, and work with, people from all around the world. It’s important to take into account different cultures, perspectives, and backgrounds. There is a lot we can learn from each other, and we should embrace that. Context matters in everything we do from displaying data to understanding people.

Embrace simplicity, but respect complexity

Keep your focus on what matters. Systems are both complex and intersectional. We should try our best to think holistically about how our decisions and actions impact complex systems. Solutions may require nuance and a detail oriented mindset, while still being practical.

Empower and include

Just as we aim to empower players with data and tools, we also aim to have our team members feel empowered in the company. Everyone matters and should have the support, freedom and respect needed to do great work. Giving players tools empowers their gameplay and makes advanced strategies accessible to include all players.

Collaborate as a team

We should all be working together to make something larger than the sum of its parts. Respect and trust people on the team to do their best work. We have unique challenges and dependencies across different working hours and locations. Don’t stovepipe tasks or keep important information from them.Offer to help remove barriers to empower others on the team and thank those who do so for you. We should be promoting this sentiment where possible in the communities we support.

Always be growing

Challenge yourself with fresh problems and look to improve your craft. Strive to grow ourselves and the products that we offer. Doing our best work, improving, and continuing to learn new things should be a goal of everyone on the team. Iteration on our work and products ensure we are putting care into our decisions.

Management Team

Elo is a small team of 10. We have a remote-first culture, with team members in North America, Europe, and Asia. We're headquartered out of the United States (Austin, TX and Vancouver, WA). Our team of founders share a deep love for gaming and have over 40 years combined experience in esports.

Sabina Hemmi

Sabina Hemmi

Co-founder & CEO

Sabina Hemmi

Jason Coene

Co-founder & CTO

Sabina Hemmi

Trevor Schmidt

Co-founder & COO

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